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A song that makes you want to dance Music 

A song that makes you want to dance

Happy Sunday! Today, I have to pay for yesterday’s sins and double up. Yesterday’s challenge was “a song that makes you want to dance.” I picked a song that is 7 minutes long, so there is the perfect opportunity for dancing and carrying on. However, this particular song follows the sentiment that a lot of people may have been feeling over the last couple of decades. The only trouble with Seun Kuti and Egypt 80’s “Gimme My Vote Back” is that your mind wants to sit still and listen and…

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A song to drive to Music 

A song to drive to

Here I am. I am playing catch-up again, but it was well worth the wait. I couldn’t think of this song yesterday. As a part of the 30-Day Music Challenge, I was asked to choose a song to drive to. Featured on Pho and Revenge of the Dreamers II, “Backseat” is one for those late night drives home. I’ve zoned out to this while on autopilot a few times. If you happen to have a passenger, and/or take the lyrics a little too literally, you might find yourself having to…

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A song about drugs or alcohol Music 

A song about drugs or alcohol

I cannot choose today. Today’s challenge for a song about drugs and alcohol brings two songs to mind. I probably can’t choose between they are essentially the same song. However, I can’t decide which one I like better. I don’t have a cute anecdote about the songs. I just love how these artists (and so many before them) were able to turn a song about addiction into a song about love. So today’s 30-Day Music Challenge picks are 50 Cent’s “Baltimore Love Thing” and Jay-Z’s “I Know.” Enjoy a little…

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A song that makes you happy Music 

A song that makes you happy

Black people have a special talent for turning sadness into celebration. We laugh at things we aren’t supposed to laugh at. We crack open celebratory bottles after the loss of a loved one. We even throw rent parties for friends who are facing eviction. That may be why they think we are all dance, some song, and no pain. The truth is, we’ve learned how to endure the toughest times while still looking fly. Back in high school, my homeboy Bobby said out of the blue, “Life sucks. People spend…

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A song that makes you sad Music 

A song that makes you sad

Sometimes, when I see or hear “based on a true story,” I think someone is lying to me. I believe that a story becomes scarier, sadder, and more heartfelt whenever we think it’s true. I’ve chosen a true story for Day 10 of the 30-Day Music Challenge. Tech N9ne is notorious for crafting sad, strange and depressing songs that leave you feeling freaked out and uncomfortable. “The Martini” is no different. From what I’ve heard, this song tells the true tale of the murder of one of the rapper’s close…

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A song that you never get tired of Music 

A song that you never get tired of

Google provided me with two definitions of the word “challenge.” Neither of them seemed to fit the meaning of the word in this 30-Day Music Challenge. Here’s what Google had to say: chal·lenge ˈCHalənj/ noun 1. a call to take part in a contest or competition, especially a duel. “he accepted the challenge” synonyms: dare, provocation; summons “he accepted the challenge” 2. an objection or query as to the truth of something, often with an implicit demand for proof. “a challenge to the legality of the order” synonyms: test, questioning,…

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A song that you love from 2011 Music 

A song that you love from 2011

August has been one of the hectic months for me this year. I have been traveling and visiting with friends and family for the past three weeks. I’ve been so proud that I have been able to stay afloat on this 30-day challenge. As they say, “pride cometh before the fall.” Day 12 was 2 days ago, but I’m back like I never left. I chose a perfect song for today’s challenge—a song that you love from 2011. ‪Lupe Fiasco‬’s “The Show Goes On” helps me to remember that sometimes you…

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One of your favorite 70s songs Music 

One of your favorite 70s songs

In middle school, I spent countless weekends and summers watching The Temptations movie and singing along with my sister or my friends. Although the movie shared a lot of the inside goings on with the group, it was told from one side and sort of grazed over the psychedelic music of the 70s. Today, I had to pick one of my favorite 70s songs. This song isn’t actually one of my favorites. It’s a song that has always creeped me out. It probably gave me an unreasonable fear of people…

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A song you want played at your wedding Music 

A song you want played at your wedding

I’m struggling to write this because I can hardly picture having a wedding, not to mention the song that I would want playing at my wedding. I can only assume that the song would depend on my vibe with the lucky groom and the kind of wedding we decide upon. For Day 14—a song you want playing at your wedding, I’m just going to pick a song that with a title that represents the feeling you get when you just love looking at the person next to you. If you…

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A song that is a cover by another artist Music 

A song that is a cover by another artist

During this 30-Day Music Day Challenge, I mostly enjoy the sharing little stories about the songs that I choose each day. Not only am I forced to open up more than usual, it’s nice to see how music has played such an interesting role in what seems like every day experiences. We are halfway through the challenge, and today I get to share a story about a song that is a cover by another artist. Full disclosure, I couldn’t figure out if I have been asked to share the original…

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