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#JustDiscovered: Trel Mack- “Caravan of Contrary” Feat. Mel Alston Jr. Music 

#JustDiscovered: Trel Mack- “Caravan of Contrary” Feat. Mel Alston Jr.

Sometimes we’re late to the party, but that shouldn’t stop us from sharing good music. Trel Mack’s video for “Caravan of Contrary” dropped on August 2, 2016, and we just discovered it. Nothing (not even hip-hop) comes before you’re ready; and, during this time of newness and growth, this track featuring Mel Alston Jr. is right on time. “Caravan of Contrary” describes what it’s like to realize that the people you want around you most, can’t always come along for the journey. You don’t always have time to stop and wait for them to catch up, and that’s okay. Drop off your “Caravan of Contrary” at the nearest Greyhound station and keep it moving.

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