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One of your favorite songs from a movie Music 

One of your favorite songs from a movie

I just want to let everyone know that this 30-Day Music Challenge is really bringing me joy. Thanks to everyone who has participated, commented, and read about all of the drama surrounding my picks. Your tolerance is greatly appreciated. On Day 16, I’m picking one of my favorite songs from a movie.

When I’m home spending time with my mom and sister, we all fall into our own little domestic roles. In my case, said roles includes managing the Bluetooth speaker in the house and the aux cord when we’re riding. One day, I decided to share a song with them and made the mistake of calling it “one of my favorite songs.” The problem is, I didn’t know the words. Listen. I still don’t know the words, but you are worried about the wrong things.

Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” is one of the prettiest songs that you ever did hear. However, the good folks involved with the production of Almost Famous made it one of my personal favorites when the characters through their souls into singing the song on a bus ride. Whenever I watch the movie, this scene makes me feel like I’m floating on air.

Note: Watch the full video to get some context. If you’re short on time, fast forward to the 1:25 mark.

If I had a time machine, and could live during any time in history, it would be in New York during the birth of hip-hop. If the 1980s version of the Bronx was full, I’ll take the tour bus of a mid-1960s rock band as a close second. Am I the only person who thinks about time travel that way? Please tell me I’m not crazy. Also, comment and let me know your favorite song from a movie.

See you tomorrow for a song that is a cover by another artist.

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