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July 4th, 2016

DFG is raising money for DFG Kids


DFG’s founder, Luke  is back at it again!  Help him hook up at least 300 kids this year with all the supplies they need to kick off the 2016-2017 school year. You can help him and ‪#‎DFGKids‬ by hooking yourself up with a FULL SERVICE car wash, exterior/tires/dry, interior/vacuum/dash/console. These coupons DO NOT EXPIRE and are good at ANY Autobell. Only $16.99!

Contact Luke today to get your AutoBell coupons today. You can also contribute by donating to the DFG Back To School Supply Drive right now!





DFG's The Uprising Feature
DFG artists, Zack Morris, Kori Nicole, and Amir Driver.







The Rebel Society dug deep with DFG’s shining stars, Amir Driver, Kori Nicole, and Zack Morris for the appropriately titled profile, The Uprising. The Social Experiment features interviews with the artists by Shod Harris, and incredible media content by Korey Johnson and Joey Colon. Experience “The Uprising,” now.








DFG's Zack Morris released new project

DFG’s Zack Morris recently released his sophomore project, Zack V. Rage. Listen as Zack Morris goes head to head with Rage in this gritty soundtrack of internal conflict.




DFG's Amir Driver released "Over Everything."


Check out Amir Driver’s Latest project, Over Everything. The project includes features from Billy Murray and Kori Nicole, and dope production by J. Clyde, Henry Love, and more.