Culture Spread: Malc Fisher, Just An Entertainer Featured Interviews 

Culture Spread: Malc Fisher, Just An Entertainer

More often than not, you hear the story about the guy that made it and you’re inspired. That inspiration lasts for a few moments and then you’re either distracted or discouraged. You get bogged down with everyday life. Or, you start to tell yourself that the circumstances are too different for you to follow old blueprints to success Malc Fisher has a new blueprint. Malc Fisher isn’t just making it. He’s making it happen. With all his projects and accolades, it’s hard to place him in a box and it’s…

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#JustDiscovered: Philmore Greene- “God Hour” Music 

#JustDiscovered: Philmore Greene- “God Hour”

This track was released eight months back, as a part of Philmore Greene’s #PhilmoreMondays series. “God Hour” follows Philmore Greene’s thoughts of disdain for the living conditions of so many men and women in slums and cities everywhere. “God Hour” has been described as “street poetry,” and serves as today’s #JustDisovered music.

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Blänk embraces the challenges that come with “This Journey” Music The Art 

Blänk embraces the challenges that come with “This Journey”

In preparation for the release of their third album, Blänk recently released the hip-hop/electro-pop track, “This Journey.” Split between Sweden and Atlanta, Blänk is a trio includes Simon Trabelsi, Lina Öhman, and Klas Granström is back from their 2015 project, Only Built For Northern Lights with a track that outlines the frustration, optimism, and confusion that come with self-improvement. As we grow and learn, some things get better and some things make you want to jump off a bridge. However, “This Journey” is what makes us who we are. “This…

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Veto Vangundy says it’s time for some “Real Gangstas” Music 

Veto Vangundy says it’s time for some “Real Gangstas”

If anyone knows what a real gangster looks like, it’s got to be a talented Chicago emcee. With as much vigor as he had on his post-election track, “Fire Squad Freestyle,” Veto Vangundy is back to dispel all myths about the makings of a true gangster. With over-broadcasted acts of police brutality, rap beefs reminiscent of 1996 and overall racial unrest, Veto Vangundy says it’s time to ride for a cause. Listen to “Real Gangstas” and get ready to load up.

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OptiMystic teams up with Onyx and JR for the “Madd Rush” video Music 

OptiMystic teams up with Onyx and JR for the “Madd Rush” video

The Australian emcee OptiMystic brings mad energy with his new video, “Madd Rush.” The track, which features Onyx and JR, comes from OptiMystic’s double album, Day of the Guiding Light/Followed by the shadow. There’s no doubt that the lyrics are a worldwide hip-hop lover’s dream, the video is filled with dancing, art flamethrowers and more. Joel Crane & Asom Stordimento shot this incredible visual that you must see. Check out the exciting video for OpitMystic’s “Madd Rush,” below.

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#JustDiscovered: Trel Mack- “Caravan of Contrary” Feat. Mel Alston Jr. Music 

#JustDiscovered: Trel Mack- “Caravan of Contrary” Feat. Mel Alston Jr.

Sometimes we’re late to the party, but that shouldn’t stop us from sharing good music. Trel Mack’s video for “Caravan of Contrary” dropped on August 2, 2016, and we just discovered it. Nothing (not even hip-hop) comes before you’re ready; and, during this time of newness and growth, this track featuring Mel Alston Jr. is right on time. “Caravan of Contrary” describes what it’s like to realize that the people you want around you most, can’t always come along for the journey. You don’t always have time to stop and…

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Watch EMRSN’s video for “Pharaohs” Music 

Watch EMRSN’s video for “Pharaohs”

With a background as diverse as his music, EMRSN teases his upcoming project with the visual for “Pharaohs.” The video follows a group of bank-robbing vigilantes as they embark on a crime spree designed to send a message to society. “Pharaohs” is from EMRSN’s collaboration project with 88-Keys, Hymn & Hearse due out February 17th. Watch the video for “Pharaohs” below and get a feel for how EMRSN can switch “from materialistic to meaningful” in a way that makes us all stop to think.

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