Ko-Bena stirs up mixed feelings with “Kanye” Music 

Ko-Bena stirs up mixed feelings with “Kanye”

I wasn’t sure to do with this track. I wasn’t given much to work with as far as information. However, the “Expanse” track has taught me that some of the most inspiring music lies in those vague emails. After all, I’m a woman of few words myself—when it comes to my own work. So, I know how it is to not know exactly what to say when you don’t have some PR machine pushing your latest work. For that reason, I clicked the link. The artwork for the song is…

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“Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” Book Reviewed The Art 

“Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” Book Reviewed

A few weeks ago, I spent a Saturday with my mom. She knows I love Barnes & Noble, so when we spotted one, she insisted that we go inside. Once there, she demanded that I pick out a book that she could purchase for me. I had just finished up “The Autobiography of Gucci Mane”, and had not decided on what was next on my list. However, when mom insists on spending money, you do not argue. All bookworms have sections of the bookstore that they scour for new reading…

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Aaron Camper’s “Fire” is more contagious than love Music 

Aaron Camper’s “Fire” is more contagious than love

While chemistry can be pretty captivating, it’s worthless in the face of being too damn cool. Salisbury, MD’s Aaron Camper wants to melt that icy exterior with his latest single, “Fire.” On this fun track warns you about getting too close to the flames with memorable lines like, “don’t mess around and fall in love and fuck shit up.” If you’re like me, you have to let your guard down, but “Fire” is a record you can’t help but loosen-up to. Take off your cool and jam our to “Fire.”…

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When you’re with the ‘Xtras’ Music 

When you’re with the ‘Xtras’

Is it a cook out in October? Maybe it’s just a gathering? Either way, you need to throw on Hugh Augustine’s latest track, “Xtras” the next time you have a little gathering. This buoyant Rory Behr production works on game night or at the day party. It’s bound to get everyone partaking in a good time. Listen to “Xtras” and tell me what playlist you’ll be saving it for.

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I’m digging “Expanse” x S.I.N.– 5 Reasons Why Music The Art 

I’m digging “Expanse” x S.I.N.– 5 Reasons Why

Last week I received a track from a mysterious artist that goes by the name of S.I.N. He sent me a track titled “Expanse”, minimal details and a bit of contact information. I wasn’t so sure it was worth my time to click play, but (among other things) the email felt incredibly sincere. Once I gave it a listen, I had to post it. I dig it. Here are five reasons why: 1. “It kinda has its own wave.” That’s what the artist told me in the submission. It’s a…

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Tommie King enlists Cam Kirk to direct “Diamonds” video Music 

Tommie King enlists Cam Kirk to direct “Diamonds” video

Atlanta artist, Tommie King runs down a list of his biggest dreams and aspirations on “Diamonds.” Just last week, he released a visual for the single, directed by Atlanta photographer and videographer Cam Kirk. “Diamonds” is both inspirational and relatable. The hook alludes to a never-give-up attitude and a stick-to-it-iveness needed to get everything you want in this life. King grants Cam Kirk all the credit for capturing that visually. Working with someone as dope and talented as Cam Kirk was one of those moments that’s bigger than yourself. Although…

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JMZ recreates that Flatbush feeling with “Church Ave” The Art 

JMZ recreates that Flatbush feeling with “Church Ave”

British Producer, JMZ just caught my ear for about 3 minutes, but the “Church Ave” instrumental is still chiming away in somewhere in the back of my mind. The track is his second release from his debut mixtape, Let Me Be Great and was inspired by a Japanese pop song—title unknown. JMZ says that as the track began to take shape,  memories of time spent in Flatbush Brooklyn started creeping in. Listen to “Church Ave” now and tell me if there’s any voice you’re imagining over this wicked piece production.

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Hex One and Skyzoo link up in Brooklyn for “Peep The Steez” Music 

Hex One and Skyzoo link up in Brooklyn for “Peep The Steez”

As he prepares for the October 13th release of his new album, Words Worth A Thousand Words, Hex One teams up with Skyzoo for “Peep The Steez.” The track is the second single from the coming project and they recently released a visual for the playful single. On “Peep The Steez” Hex and Skyzoo are like peacocks spreading their wings—their flair just speaks for itself. Shot by Indigo Films, the video simply shows these two emcees kicking it in Brooklyn. Watch the “Peep The Steez” video for a lot of…

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Nkosane debuts with “Doin The Most” video Music 

Nkosane debuts with “Doin The Most” video

Nkosane offers up some soft-serve in his latest video, but this one is too cold to melt. The Kivenchy-directed visual for “Doin The Most” introduces us to Nkosane as an emcee, but we can expect to hear more from the Atlanta implant on his upcoming project, M.O.D. For now, comment and let us know how you’re feeling the Harlem- born rapper’s debut single, “Doin The Most.”

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Don’t make me pull a ‘you’ on you Music 

Don’t make me pull a ‘you’ on you

It might be the last day of summer, but the sun is still glistening on the beautiful black skin, and there is plenty of that to go around. Don’t spend your weekend posting passive-aggressive memes and hoping that certain someone gets the picture. Girlfriend, if it isn’t set straight within a few hours, it’s time to move on to Plan B.  Tell your girls to plan for an ignorant Friday night. London’s Taliwhoah will get you all revved up when you add her latest single, “Meds” to your F*** Him playlist….

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