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Aaron Camper’s “Fire” is more contagious than love Music 

Aaron Camper’s “Fire” is more contagious than love

While chemistry can be pretty captivating, it’s worthless in the face of being too damn cool. Salisbury, MD’s Aaron Camper wants to melt that icy exterior with his latest single, “Fire.” On this fun track warns you about getting too close to the flames with memorable lines like, “don’t mess around and fall in love and fuck shit up.” If you’re like me, you have to let your guard down, but “Fire” is a record you can’t help but loosen-up to. Take off your cool and jam our to “Fire.” Comment and let me know how many times you played this track after the first listen. It’s more contagious than love.

For more from Aaron Camper, read his recent interview with Emma Banks on

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