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How to decorate your home like a hip-hop museum for next to nothing Featured The Life 

How to decorate your home like a hip-hop museum for next to nothing

By now, most people have figured out that you can make your home look like one of those staged Home-O-Rama mini-mansions without hemorrhaging your savings. This is true, even if you’re not crazy about the Country Living, Pinterest-inspired look. Hip-Hop heads and music lovers, in general, can turn their home into the Smithsonian of music for much less than you think.

When decorating on a budget, there’s one thing you must be prepared to do: HUNT. There are plenty of goodies out there, but you have to be dedicated to diggin’ in the crates.
Speaking of diggin’ in the crates, the resurgence of vinyl is your friend. The typical thrift store is filled with boxes of old vinyl records. You can usually find some gems for $5 or less. They may not always be in great condition, but they can sometimes make for great decoration. For more pricey, collectors records you can check local record stores or online retailers. Once you’ve gathered all the dopeness you can stand, there are countless ways to add vinyl to your décor. Admittedly, I would start with Pinterest for some great ideas for decorating with vinyl.

My little sister works at a home furnishing store is always stumbles on cool pieces that she knows fit my taste. At least once a month, I get a text that says “Like this?” with a picture of some dope piece that makes my mouth water. Once time she surprised me with these incredible bookends. They cost $9.95—and she got to use her discount (winning). Needless to say, I used them to hold up stray DVDs.


That being said, books are also a great way to add some hip-hop flavor to your spot. There are hundreds of coffee table reads that you can pick up. They are great pieces of history and great conversation pieces for whenever you have company over. If you’re not a big reader, you might not want to spend too much on books you may never open. Old magazines have the same intriguing effect on guests. I found these in a pile of magazines my mother has been threatening to toss out for years.


This is when the hunt comes in! Check your parent’s basement, estate sales, library fundraisers—you never know what you might find.

If you want to splurge a little, is an amazing place to find ill music-inspired pieces for your home. If you have a few hours to kill, browse the shops to unique, handcrafted ideas. Just so you’re not wandering around and gathering junk, think about the overall vibe and functionality of your little abode. Think about what you want to create and fill in the blanks.

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