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Pet;wolf warns you not to dance with the devil Music 

Pet;wolf warns you not to dance with the devil

For some of us, a dance with the devil was worth the drink he bought us afterward. Be honest with yourselves, it’s almost impossible to not be “weary in well-doing.” When you’re juggling work, bills, and relationships, it can be hard to hold on to your integrity. If you’ve ever gone to bed hungry, you know what it’s like when you think about how many ways you can grab some quick cash. There’s always a little red devil sitting on your shoulder telling you how you can get it. Maybe it isn’t that bad for you, maybe you were just a wee bit tempted to sabotage your office rival to increase your chances of landing that promotion. Even giving in to petty pleasures like that chocolate chip cookie you’ve been craving can be like walking the line.

If you find yourself on the edge, ready to jump, throw on this track from Pet;wolf, “Dance with the devil.” This preview track from the New England artist’s upcoming project Modern Ruin, is great for those moments you’re battling with your conscious. If you need to, play it on repeat while you’re determining if you should cut a few corners or flirt with danger for a good outcome. You might decide that the ends justify the means, but Pet;wolf sends a friendly warning for anyone thinking about walking the line: You don’t want to dance with the devil.

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