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OptiMystic teams up with Onyx and JR for the “Madd Rush” video Music 

OptiMystic teams up with Onyx and JR for the “Madd Rush” video

The Australian emcee OptiMystic brings mad energy with his new video, “Madd Rush.” The track, which features Onyx and JR, comes from OptiMystic’s double album, Day of the Guiding Light/Followed by the shadow. There’s no doubt that the lyrics are a worldwide hip-hop lover’s dream, the video is filled with dancing, art flamethrowers and more. Joel Crane & Asom Stordimento shot this incredible visual that you must see. Check out the exciting video for OpitMystic’s “Madd Rush,” below.

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#JustDiscovered: Trel Mack- “Caravan of Contrary” Feat. Mel Alston Jr. Music 

#JustDiscovered: Trel Mack- “Caravan of Contrary” Feat. Mel Alston Jr.

Sometimes we’re late to the party, but that shouldn’t stop us from sharing good music. Trel Mack’s video for “Caravan of Contrary” dropped on August 2, 2016, and we just discovered it. Nothing (not even hip-hop) comes before you’re ready; and, during this time of newness and growth, this track featuring Mel Alston Jr. is right on time. “Caravan of Contrary” describes what it’s like to realize that the people you want around you most, can’t always come along for the journey. You don’t always have time to stop and…

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Watch EMRSN’s video for “Pharaohs” Music 

Watch EMRSN’s video for “Pharaohs”

With a background as diverse as his music, EMRSN teases his upcoming project with the visual for “Pharaohs.” The video follows a group of bank-robbing vigilantes as they embark on a crime spree designed to send a message to society. “Pharaohs” is from EMRSN’s collaboration project with 88-Keys, Hymn & Hearse due out February 17th. Watch the video for “Pharaohs” below and get a feel for how EMRSN can switch “from materialistic to meaningful” in a way that makes us all stop to think.

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Coconut oil on black skin: Deloney loves it (Video) Music 

Coconut oil on black skin: Deloney loves it (Video)

There’s snow on the ground, but this super black, yet super inclusive visual from Deloney has me ready for summer! His track, “Coconut Oil” pays homage to black skin and black culture. The video is crazy fun, and he even shouts out the other races so you know it’s all love. “Coconut Oil” is from Deloney’s newest album, Vibes From The Tropic Box. Whether it’s 19 degrees or 91 degrees, make sure you have “Coconut Oil” on the playlist for your next gathering. Everything about it says, “young, black and…

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MALC lights his city on fire with his “No Heart Freestyle” Music 

MALC lights his city on fire with his “No Heart Freestyle”

Well-known on the mic for hosting rap battles and his internet radio show, SET Radio, this Norfolk native decided it’s time to rip the mic a different way. This week MALC dusted off his emcee gloves and dropped a visual for his “No Heart Freestyle.” The unexpected release from MALC lit his city on fire as Norfolk rap fans found that he’s an easy contender against the city’s best. Shot by PHRSHFLMS, the visual features MALC dropping effortless lines in apparel, teasing what we can only suspect is an upcoming…

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Watch “Lyrics To GO Ep. 2” by KOTA Music 

Watch “Lyrics To GO Ep. 2” by KOTA

I try to stay away from calling the popular, difficult-to-interpret sub-genre of Hip-Hop, “mumble rap.” However, I would be lying if I said I don’t feel old when I’m struggling to understand the lyrics. As a kid, I can remember my grandparents asking, “How can you understand what they’re saying?” Although I had no such trouble with KOTA The Friend, he broke everything down for us in his new series “Lyrics To GO.” In this short tutorial, KOTA raps 16 bars and provides us with the lyrics. The unique concept…

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Just Discovered- “Dope Lady” by Kris J. (Video) Just Discovered Music 

Just Discovered- “Dope Lady” by Kris J. (Video)

I just discovered Kris J’s video, “Dope Lady” from February 2016. I was chilling and folding clothes and YouTube autoplay took over. After my computer took me through a number of other dope songs by Kris J, something caught my ear and I ran over to check it out. In “Dope Lady” Kris J takes to his shrink’s couch to sort through this fixation with the dope lady and why she could never be the one. If you like “Dope Lady” check out Kris J’s latest video with DJ Outta…

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Context prepares for lift-off with “Route 11” (Video) Music 

Context prepares for lift-off with “Route 11” (Video)

Context is ready for lift-off. “Route 11” features an impressive flow and ill self-production. The visual, by Dayne Edward follows Context as he prepares for an incredible blast into space. “Route 11” is from Context’s upcoming EP, Rogue Astronaut. Watch the “Route 11” video and let us know if you’ll be jumping on board for take-off in early 2017.

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