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Watch “Lyrics To GO Ep. 2” by KOTA Music 

Watch “Lyrics To GO Ep. 2” by KOTA

I try to stay away from calling the popular, difficult-to-interpret sub-genre of Hip-Hop, “mumble rap.” However, I would be lying if I said I don’t feel old when I’m struggling to understand the lyrics. As a kid, I can remember my grandparents asking, “How can you understand what they’re saying?” Although I had no such trouble with KOTA The Friend, he broke everything down for us in his new series “Lyrics To GO.” In this short tutorial, KOTA raps 16 bars and provides us with the lyrics. The unique concept of “Lyrics To GO” might be perfect for aging rap fans in the coming years.

Check out KOTA’s “Lyrics To GO Episode 2” video for a calming dose of dope.

Want more KOTA? Check out his recent EP, Palm Tree Liquor, released on Billboard.

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