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When you have to square up with Satan Music 

When you have to square up with Satan

One of my favorite books is “Outwitting The Devil,” penned by Napoleon Hill. In the book, he sits down with Satan (or whatever you like to call him) to talk about his role in the universe and how the works within its laws. Although we know that the dark forces can only work within the laws of the universe, it doesn’t stop those slimy bastards from finesse their way around the rules.

AceQuared’s single, “500 Degrees” is a reminder—when the dark forces go to work, they are on their grind. Satan is a hunter, and he’s patient. While you’re working, he’s working on you. When Ace confronts the devil and asks that he leave him alone, the dark one declines in a retort similar to the request. It’s clear he came to do damage with his mask off.

Though Ace knows who Lucifer is and what he’s about, none of that can save him in the end. This track is a wake-up call for those of us who might have leveled up in consciousness and are sitting around on our great big throne of righteousness.
You may know the devil, but you better believe that he knows you too.

If you can relate to “500 Degrees” please tell me all about that time you stared Satan in the face, damned him to hell and somehow he still beat the breaks off your behind. If you kicked his ass, I want to scoop on that too. Drop all the juicy details in the comment box, fam.

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