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Tommie King enlists Cam Kirk to direct “Diamonds” video Music 

Tommie King enlists Cam Kirk to direct “Diamonds” video

Atlanta artist, Tommie King runs down a list of his biggest dreams and aspirations on “Diamonds.” Just last week, he released a visual for the single, directed by Atlanta photographer and videographer Cam Kirk. “Diamonds” is both inspirational and relatable. The hook alludes to a never-give-up attitude and a stick-to-it-iveness needed to get everything you want in this life. King grants Cam Kirk all the credit for capturing that visually. Working with someone as dope and talented as Cam Kirk was one of those moments that’s bigger than yourself. Although…

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Hex One and Skyzoo link up in Brooklyn for “Peep The Steez” Music 

Hex One and Skyzoo link up in Brooklyn for “Peep The Steez”

As he prepares for the October 13th release of his new album, Words Worth A Thousand Words, Hex One teams up with Skyzoo for “Peep The Steez.” The track is the second single from the coming project and they recently released a visual for the playful single. On “Peep The Steez” Hex and Skyzoo are like peacocks spreading their wings—their flair just speaks for itself. Shot by Indigo Films, the video simply shows these two emcees kicking it in Brooklyn. Watch the “Peep The Steez” video for a lot of…

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Can’t take style from me Music 

Can’t take style from me

I can only assume that this song is a track about dressing well. You might not know what Boddhi Satva and Badi are saying in this song, “Kitendi,” but the visual tells you that there is a lot of flexing going on here. The song’s title means “clothes” in the Congolese language of Lingala. That’s the first clue. Also, the video features vintage styling by Amah Ayivi, the founder of Marche Noir. Not to mention it pays homage to a few fashion pioneers. Central African, DJ and producer, Boddhi has…

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#JustDiscovered: Bracket- “Celebrate” Feat. Timaya (Video) Music 

#JustDiscovered: Bracket- “Celebrate” Feat. Timaya (Video)

If this song doesn’t make you wiggle something, let me know so I can put you on the prayer list. You must be going through some tough times. Seriously. I’ve been building an Afro/Carib playlist to rock out to in the gym and came across “Celebrate” from Bracket and Timaya. For about a week now, it’s put the biggest smile on my face. While the song is much older than 6 months, I thought it would be great for this week’s #JustDiscovered segment and as a little morning motivation. Turn…

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Amir Driver explains why “It’s Just Different” in his latest video Music 

Amir Driver explains why “It’s Just Different” in his latest video

It’s tough to explain why some guys get blocked and some get an answer on the first ring. If you ask any girl the difference between the guy she’s digging and the guy that’s digging her, she’ll probably shrug her shoulders and proclaim, “It’s just different.” She might not have the words for it, but the ever-eloquent emcee Amir Driver breaks it all down in his new single, “It’s Just Different.” The single comes after Driver’s successful summer project, Over Everything (available for available for download and streaming). Take a break…

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“Kiss of Life” from Kevin Clarke ushers in good vibes Music Visual Art 

“Kiss of Life” from Kevin Clarke ushers in good vibes

While this mellow reworking of Sade’s “Kiss of Life” was premiered on Complex a few days ago, we thought this would be a great mental break from this chilly Sunday morning. Kevin Clarke takes took a sample and turned “Kiss of Life” into a track as peaceful as the original. If the song wasn’t replay-worthy on it’s on, the video features sunshine, palm trees, and mind-blowing art. Take a few moments to get away with Kevin Clarke’s new video, “Kiss of Life.”

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NARCOTECHS spread Latino pride with “My Name Is Juan” Music 

NARCOTECHS spread Latino pride with “My Name Is Juan”

In these post-election days, some people have had mixed feelings about where Latinos stand in this mess of a country. There have been horror stories of Latino kids breaking down in fear of deportation, and even confusion surrounding two Hispanic police officers who overlooked Donald Trump’s racist comments against brown people, in hopes that he would do something great for people in blue. Narchotechs’S new track says, “I’m just proud to be me.” Their video for “My Name Is Juan” celebrates Hispanics from different backgrounds with a hint of sarcasm…

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“Exoskeleton”: the refreshingly braggadocios single from Jake Palumbo Music 

“Exoskeleton”: the refreshingly braggadocios single from Jake Palumbo

Are you in the mood for some street-style lyrical assassination? Jake Palumbo enlists Ruste Juxx and Tek of Smif-N-Wessun for the hard-hitting for this refreshingly braggadocios video—“Exoskeleton.” If you’ve been missing the confidence and competition that comes from simply being a dope emcee, you’ll be more than pleased to see these three declare—“There’s not a bitch bone in my exoskeleton.” The “Exoskeleton” track comes from Jake Palumbo’s Jake It Till You Make It project, which dropped Friday on your favorite online music store.

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