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A song that makes you think about life Music 

A song that makes you think about life

I am sick and tired of being called a millennial. In some ways it's become a derogatory term, used to classify young people as strange, whiny and weak. I have to admit that I use the term here and there when more sophisticated words fail me.

For example: I'm currently visiting a friend and her fiancé in Queens and their apartment is beyond beautiful. There is lots of chrome on everything and there are big windows everywhere. Not to mention, her fiancée did his thing on the decor. After waking around for about an hour, I said "this place is a millennial's dream.

Another example is the right now. At any given time in the past there existed only a handful of people over the age of 27 (the philosopher types) that actually sit around thinking about life. By that time, people have usually been sucked in by the daily grind, taking care of family, or whatever lifestyle they decided on in lieu of those things. Today, millennials are evaluating life at every moment of the day through memes, think pieces, therapy and almost everything else at our disposal.

One time, I joked that "the Internet will tell you what's about to happen, what just happened, what didn't happen, and what it all means." We will hold on to a moment fahevvvvvva (Peace to Queen Cardi). So much so, that we miss the next one.

Today's #30DayMusicChallenge pick is for a song that makes you think about life. On Day 19, I chose this song because the average listener might say "I go to work. I'm not sleeping on my mother's couch. I'm not sitting around getting high all day. They're not talking to me." Lies.

If you're spending too much time scrolling, streaming, or whatever other thing you call an "escape" or "guilty pleasure" get real with yourself and check out this song "Git Up, Git Out" by OutKast and Goodie Mob. Like the old folks say, "get you some business."

Before you get moving, comment and let me know if there a song that makes you think about life! Also, check back tomorrow for Day 18– a song from the year you were born.

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2 thoughts on “A song that makes you think about life

  1. http://Class

    I couldn’t just think of one song while reading this post .Two songs that come to mind are passing me by: by pharcyde and reminisce by Pete rock and cl smooth.

    1. http://Zuri%20Ward

      These are both incredible songs that make me think about life in terms of time (or the lack thereof) and giving people their flowers while they’re living. Excellent selections.

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