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NARCOTECHS spread Latino pride with “My Name Is Juan” Music 

NARCOTECHS spread Latino pride with “My Name Is Juan”

In these post-election days, some people have had mixed feelings about where Latinos stand in this mess of a country. There have been horror stories of Latino kids breaking down in fear of deportation, and even confusion surrounding two Hispanic police officers who overlooked Donald Trump’s racist comments against brown people, in hopes that he would do something great for people in blue.

Narchotechs’S new track says, “I’m just proud to be me.” Their video for “My Name Is Juan” celebrates Hispanics from different backgrounds with a hint of sarcasm that you can only appreciate. The incredible wordplay and infectious production by Doza The Drumdealer will make you dance no matter your ethnicity. Watch the “My Name is Juan” video now. It will certainly liven up your evening.

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