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JMZ recreates that Flatbush feeling with “Church Ave” The Art 

JMZ recreates that Flatbush feeling with “Church Ave”

British Producer, JMZ just caught my ear for about 3 minutes, but the “Church Ave” instrumental is still chiming away in somewhere in the back of my mind. The track is his second release from his debut mixtape, Let Me Be Great and was inspired by a Japanese pop song—title unknown. JMZ says that as the track began to take shape,  memories of time spent in Flatbush Brooklyn started creeping in. Listen to “Church Ave” now and tell me if there’s any voice you’re imagining over this wicked piece production.

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Hex One and Skyzoo link up in Brooklyn for “Peep The Steez” Music 

Hex One and Skyzoo link up in Brooklyn for “Peep The Steez”

As he prepares for the October 13th release of his new album, Words Worth A Thousand Words, Hex One teams up with Skyzoo for “Peep The Steez.” The track is the second single from the coming project and they recently released a visual for the playful single. On “Peep The Steez” Hex and Skyzoo are like peacocks spreading their wings—their flair just speaks for itself. Shot by Indigo Films, the video simply shows these two emcees kicking it in Brooklyn. Watch the “Peep The Steez” video for a lot of…

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Nkosane debuts with “Doin The Most” video Music 

Nkosane debuts with “Doin The Most” video

Nkosane offers up some soft-serve in his latest video, but this one is too cold to melt. The Kivenchy-directed visual for “Doin The Most” introduces us to Nkosane as an emcee, but we can expect to hear more from the Atlanta implant on his upcoming project, M.O.D. For now, comment and let us know how you’re feeling the Harlem- born rapper’s debut single, “Doin The Most.”

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Don’t make me pull a ‘you’ on you Music 

Don’t make me pull a ‘you’ on you

It might be the last day of summer, but the sun is still glistening on the beautiful black skin, and there is plenty of that to go around. Don’t spend your weekend posting passive-aggressive memes and hoping that certain someone gets the picture. Girlfriend, if it isn’t set straight within a few hours, it’s time to move on to Plan B.  Tell your girls to plan for an ignorant Friday night. London’s Taliwhoah will get you all revved up when you add her latest single, “Meds” to your F*** Him playlist….

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What kind of on-the-clock artist are you? The Art The Life 

What kind of on-the-clock artist are you?

Still on the clock? How you gone act? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Some of us have to work. We can’t all be running our internet business from our home or some exotic island. I can feel you fixing your face to say it, so you might as well let it out. That’s a very pessimistic thing to say, Zuri. I thought you were a dreamer. Listen. I am without-a-doubt a dreamer. Some days I dream about getting my car washed by a professional. Other…

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When you have to square up with Satan Music 

When you have to square up with Satan

One of my favorite books is “Outwitting The Devil,” penned by Napoleon Hill. In the book, he sits down with Satan (or whatever you like to call him) to talk about his role in the universe and how the works within its laws. Although we know that the dark forces can only work within the laws of the universe, it doesn’t stop those slimy bastards from finesse their way around the rules. AceQuared’s single, “500 Degrees” is a reminder—when the dark forces go to work, they are on their grind….

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Can’t take style from me Music 

Can’t take style from me

I can only assume that this song is a track about dressing well. You might not know what Boddhi Satva and Badi are saying in this song, “Kitendi,” but the visual tells you that there is a lot of flexing going on here. The song’s title means “clothes” in the Congolese language of Lingala. That’s the first clue. Also, the video features vintage styling by Amah Ayivi, the founder of Marche Noir. Not to mention it pays homage to a few fashion pioneers. Central African, DJ and producer, Boddhi has…

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New bae. Who dis? Music 

New bae. Who dis?

Nothing makes you feel more like a queen than rocking something new. It could be a new pair of shoes, new hair or a just a new lip-gloss. Feeling fresh gives us ladies a confidence boosts that makes us feel like we can conquer the world. Sky Morales is thinking bigger than a new nail color in her latest video for “New One.” Not only is she stepping out with a brand new bae, but her old thang and his shorty also seem a skosh salty about the situation. It’s…

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When people are a little too friendly Music 

When people are a little too friendly

I doubt there is one successful person that will dispute the power of the glow up. “Making it” comes with some perks and some troubles. It’s hard to tell which category to place those people that are a little too friendly. Arin Ray cuts out all the friendly small talk immediately with “fuck the topic” on his latest single “We Ain’t Homies.” The track sends a message to anyone who suddenly wants to be down after all the hard work is done and you’re starting to shine. As someone who…

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A song you like with a color in the title Music 

A song you like with a color in the title

This is the final day of the 30-Day Music Challenge here on Pretty Menace. We are going out on a light note today before we get back to the hip-hop in a new way. Today, we have to roll with a song with a color in the title. I first heard this song on Beats 1 with Ebro. “Purple” by ThiDaniel is a song that I love and hate at the same time. It’s catchy and features some very instrumental production from Tricky Stewart. However, I can’t help but think…

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