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Spotify Launches Musical Map of the World 2.0 The Biz 

Spotify Launches Musical Map of the World 2.0

In summer 2015, Spotify launched their Musical Map of the world. Now their back with a recharged version that helps you discover the music that people all over the world are listening to. This Audiographic map features many of the world’s countries and over 1,000 cities. Want to know what songs are trending in Liverpool? Check the map. Curious about the musical tastes in Lincoln, Nebraska? Spotify has your covered. Spotify’s Musical Map of the World 2.0 is a unique tool for making your playlist for this summer’s trip to Brazil. It’s also a great way to connect with friends from other parts of the world.

While this tool is interesting, it does lack insights in Africa, Asia, and—well, Antarctica. This could be due to Spotify’s operating areas, but we would love to know what they’re jamming out to in Bali or Senegal. If you have Spotify, tell them to hop on it!

Check out the Spotify Musical Map of the World 2.0 below. The map is updated every week, so make sure you bookmark it to see updated insights later.

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