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Podcasts: My New Obsession The Life 

Podcasts: My New Obsession

This March, I left a job with great pay and benefits in search of something more fulfilling. Though I had no savings or backup plan, the last few months have been both rewarding and revealing. To be clear, the struggle has been uber real, but I’ve had more experience and opportunities than I’ve had in the last few years.

About 6 weeks ago, I took a contract job as a Marketing Writer. While I’m happy to finally get off work before dark and to have weekends off, the best part about this job is I can work with my headphones in all day.

Sure, it’s every Hip-Hop head’s dream to walk around listening to whatever they want all day. Countless times, I told my old coworkers, “I’d be happy if I could just listen to music all day.” However, in a very quiet office, I’m afraid of shouting something like “however it turns out, fine – redline!!” So I skip the rap and listen to podcasts.

In true Hip-Hop fashion, I subscribe to The Combat Jack Show and the Rap Radar Podcast. Their interviews are not only informative but also motivational. I even show love to the Rapper-Turned-Podcast Host crew that includes Joe Budden and NORE. When the craziness in the nation forced me to break from social media, these shows kept me up to date on new releases and entertaining rap beef.

I quickly found that I need more than a few episodes a week to keep me entertained so I branched out and discovered some really great content. Instead of blurting out rap lyrics with no context, I chuckle with complete disregard. I finish the sentences of the podcast hosts and their guests. I shout, “amen.” Sometimes I sit in silent awe when someone makes an interesting point.

These podcasts cater to every inch of me. While the Hip-Hop head has been beyond satisfied, there’s something for the historian, the nerd, the lost little child of God, the rebellious politician and the movie buff.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to about the things I’m really interested in, but these podcasts serve as some sort of quasi-conversation that truly fills that void. Like books, they’ve introduced me to an array of people, places, and ideas. They may seem boring or nerdy, but I challenge you to find a podcast or two that sparks your interest.

Here are a few that I’m digging at the moment:

Black Men Can’t Jump In Hollywood
Optimal Living Daily
Earn Your Happy
Revisionist History
Politically Reactive
and Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Time Period.

Do you have any favorites? Comment and let me know about any other dope podcasts I should be checking out.

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