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A song to drive to Music 

A song to drive to

Here I am. I am playing catch-up again, but it was well worth the wait. I couldn’t think of this song yesterday. As a part of the 30-Day Music Challenge, I was asked to choose a song to drive to.

Featured on Pho and Revenge of the Dreamers II, “Backseat” is one for those late night drives home. I’ve zoned out to this while on autopilot a few times. If you happen to have a passenger, and/or take the lyrics a little too literally, you might find yourself having to pull over before you make it to the crib.

Ari Lennox’s entire album is on my playlist filled with SZA and other soulful ladies. This song, however, is always and forever on the “Do-me-baby” playlist. Nevertheless, it’s still a great track to drive to. Check it out and let me know if you can think of something better. Drop your pick for today in the comment box.

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