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A song that is a cover by another artist Music 

A song that is a cover by another artist

During this 30-Day Music Day Challenge, I mostly enjoy the sharing little stories about the songs that I choose each day. Not only am I forced to open up more than usual, it’s nice to see how music has played such an interesting role in what seems like every day experiences. We are halfway through the challenge, and today I get to share a story about a song that is a cover by another artist. Full disclosure, I couldn’t figure out if I have been asked to share the original or the cover. Either way, you get what you get.
A few years ago, someone submitted a video of themselves covering “I’ll Be Sweeter Tomorrow” by the O’Jays. I thought it was beautiful and shared it on Facebook. That’s when my father asserted that I didn’t know anything about good music and dropped a link to a cover of the same song in the comments done by The Escorts.

Later, my old man gave me a brief history lesson on the “Escorts” and “I’ll  Be Sweeter Tomorrow.” These gentlemen recorded several popular albums while serving time in a New Jersey state prison. I don’t care what anyone says, that was pretty progressive for the early 1970s. It seems they actually had a good run considering their incarceration and the resulting sound quality of their music. Let that be a lesson to you dreamers out there.
I know there are a million songs that have been covered time and again. Comment and let me know your favorite. Tomorrow, we will begin our down-hill roll with a song that you would love played at your wedding.

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