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A song that makes you sad Music 

A song that makes you sad

Sometimes, when I see or hear “based on a true story,” I think someone is lying to me. I believe that a story becomes scarier, sadder, and more heartfelt whenever we think it’s true. I’ve chosen a true story for Day 10 of the 30-Day Music Challenge.

Tech N9ne is notorious for crafting sad, strange and depressing songs that leave you feeling freaked out and uncomfortable. “The Martini” is no different. From what I’ve heard, this song tells the true tale of the murder of one of the rapper’s close friends.

Even if the story is not completely true, the possibility of an obsessed lover hiding in my home and waiting to kill me sends chills up my spine. What makes me sad is that this has probably happened to countless women throughout the world. Tech N9ne’s eerie way of conveying the tale doesn’t help much either.

Honestly, I don’t know if this song makes me sad or tired, but I really want to know what song makes you sad. Comment and let me know. Also, join me tomorrow for a song that makes you happy.

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