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A song that makes you happy Music 

A song that makes you happy

Black people have a special talent for turning sadness into celebration. We laugh at things we aren’t supposed to laugh at. We crack open celebratory bottles after the loss of a loved one. We even throw rent parties for friends who are facing eviction. That may be why they think we are all dance, some song, and no pain. The truth is, we’ve learned how to endure the toughest times while still looking fly.

Back in high school, my homeboy Bobby said out of the blue, “Life sucks. People spend all their time trying to become rich and successful, but in the end, they just die.” It was a unique perspective, and it made me sad. At that time I didn’t know that I was right around the corner from a battle with depression that would last for more than 10 years. The feelings I endured and the experiences that came, as a result, gave me a pretty cynical way of looking at the world. Soon, I understood exactly what my homeboy meant.

Only recently, have I come to understand the duality of Nas’ “Life’s A Bitch” featuring AZ. I’ve been through enough nonsense to know better than to dismiss the past and proclaim that “joy comes in the morning.” I also know that this miserable life is somehow still worth celebrating. “Life’s A Bitch” is my pick for Day 9 of the 30-Day Music Challenge—a song that makes you happy.

The countdown is winding down. Tomorrow, I’ll share a song about drugs or alcohol, but today I need you to tell me what song makes you happy! Comment below or hit me on social media using #pm30daymusicchallenge.

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