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A song that features your favorite artist Music 

A song that features your favorite artist

We are moving closer to the halfway point of the 30-Day Music Challenge. Today, I get to share a dope song that features my favorite artist.

It has been only a few months since I made the conscious decision to determine my Top Five. I have always been of the mindset that “I like what I like.” Anyone who knows me personally has probably seen me adamantly refuse to answer the “who’s your favorite rapper” line of questioning that I often get from (male) strangers. As I grow older, it has become necessary for me to assert my preferences. So far, I’ve decided on a Top four, but that’s a topic for another day. Somewhere among my top three is the late, great Christopher Rios.

That’s “Big Pun,” to you. 20 short years ago, Big Pun and Cuban Link hopped on a jiggy, Beatnuts track for what I’m sure became the theme music for every big baller in 1997 New York at the time. There’s no way you can hit a hard bounce from the hip to the head when you hear the flutes and bells in “Off the Books.”

It just occurred to me how much I need this record on vinyl. Let me know if you have a burning desire to make that wish come true. Most definitely let me know what song you chose for Day 17! Rock with me tomorrow, on Day 16—one of your favorite songs from a movie.

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