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A song that needs to be played loud Music 

A song that needs to be played loud

Only 5 days left in the 30-Day Music Challenge. Today, I choose a song from someone who has incredible talent and work ethic. When was always jumping, I always received quality music from this guy. I downloaded this song, in particular, on my phone. Let that be an indication of how I feel about it.

Devine Carama’s “Let There Be Light” features excellent production from Andrew Lopez. Not to mention, Carama touches on the “too old, too conscious” label that many emcees face today. I can only assume that this has been even harder in the three years since this song was released.

Carama sticks to his flow and format without sounding bitter or preachy. But, that doesn’t mean he isn’t saying some things you need to hear. That’s why I think this song should be played loud. It can rub some folks the wrong way and inspire others at the same time.

Comment and let me know if there’s a song you think needs to be played loud. Don’t forget to tell me why!

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